In this sequence, you will

  • Explore the range of labour and birth positions you can use
  • Practice using them so they become second nature
  • Balance the internal pelvic floor muscles and pelvic ligaments
  • Strengthen the buttocks to support your back
  • Practice the Golden Thread breath

To understand WHEN to use which position, HOW and WHY they work, come along to my next Masterclass.

In this technique, you will

  • Understand how to do the Side Lying Release on the bed or sofa
  • Balance the pelvic muscles to support baby's positioning
  • Encourage baby out of a breech or transverse lie (but not out of a good position)
  • Help with sciatica, pelvic pain or tight hips

If your baby is in a breech or transverse position please tell me so I can tell you about options, and also try the first exercise in this video.